What we offer

We specialise in developing interactive experiences for the commercial, educational and medical sector. We are a partner who seeks to blend your field expertise with our design experience to ensure your game always delivers on its goals.

Educational Adventure Games

Our adventure games are well suited for educational content. Our games offer an infinitely more engaging and motivating experience compared to traditional means of education.
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Training Games

Training people to operate machinery or to adjust to company policy is often a daunting task. Our training games streamline this process in a cost effective way.
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Animation Videos

Looking to explain a concept in an efficient and attractive way? Our animators are standing by to create tailor made animation videos that make sure your pitch steals the show.
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Custom Games

No matter your idea, our team of game design, development and business professionals is ready to work with you from start to finish to make sure your game realises its potential.
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Clients & Partners


We are extremely passionate about our medium and always strive to deliver high quality products. A selection of our work is displayed below.

Boom Bust Inc.

Team Zodiac

Hip & Co

Robot Billy

Furnace Simulator

Digital Lab

Vrijmetselaars museum

Meet the team

Video games are to entertainment what cathedrals are to architecture. It takes a highly diverse team of creative professionals to get together and operate as one. We run a flexible operation, complementing our core team with professionals from our network on a per project basis.







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Interested in developing a game? Wether you just got an idea or you already have a prototype that you wish to develop into a full product, we are always happy to discuss your thoughts. Don’t hesitate to contact us!


Business inquiries: +31 6 43 92 16 04
Recruiting / other:  +31 6 30 37 39 88


Europalaan 400, 3526 KS, Utrecht.