Custom Games

Looking to start a project that you wouldn’t qualify as a training or educational game? Don’t worry we are happy to help! Our team has experience designing, developing and marketing; desktop games, web games, mobile games, console games, board games and card games. Wether you want a game aimed at spreading brand awareness or porting your existing project to another platform, don’t hesitate to contact us about the possibilities. Creating games is our passion and we are always happy to get involved with your project. Outside of actual game development we also offer gamification and application development consultancy.


Tracking your user’s behaviour offers many benefits, we include detailed data collection in all of our games and offer a simple web portal where you are able to view all the collected data.

Our analytics allow you to track your users’ behaviour to help you to understand your audience better. This data enables you to evaluate the value of your game in a concrete manner. It can be utilised to optimise your game and create new content that perfectly suits your audience. Or help you convince others, be it inside or outside of your organisation, of the value of your game by showing them statistical results. The collected data can be evaluated together with your users and offer new insights that can be applied to real-world processes. 

We take privacy seriously and will not collect any privacy sensitive data without the explicit consent of both you and your individual users. We will take time to discuss with you which information is most relevant to your game and any data we collect from your game will be owned by you.


We know that finding funding for your game is not always an easy task. Whether you need to convince an outside investor or your upper management, we stand ready to help you. Our team has experience with both pitching games and writing subsidy applications and are happy to assist you in getting your project off the ground.

Getting started

Interested in working with us? We are always interested to talk to you about your ideas, no matter how well developed they are. Please send us your thoughts/concepts/designs to or give us a call at +31 6 24 69 25 21. If you wish to visit us at our office in Utrecht, The Netherlands call us and we will arrange for a face to face meeting.