Educational Adventure Games

Games encourage players to interact and discover. A well designed game challenges players to master skills over time. This process compares directly to the critical process students go through as they learn. However games offer an infinitely more engaging and motivating experience compared to traditional means of education.


Our adventure games typically follow a simple structure that offers a broad spectrum of possibilities. Players start out in a central hub where they can interact with characters. This hub can take any form that fits your theme; a secret detective hide-out, a rural neighborhood, a fearsome pirate ship or an animal village are but a few examples. Players take on assignments from characters which will trigger narrative development and gameplay exercises.

We will develop exercises based on the educational goals behind your game. Exercises can take on simple forms such as quizzes or equations or more elaborate forms such as platforming, racing or fighting. The sky’s the limit, our talented designers and writers will work closely together with you to create the best possible experience for your audience. It is our goal to create games that are a tightnit experience where story, gameplay, didactics and visuals all serve a common goal; educate the player in the most fun way possible.

Example Game

To illustrate the structure laid out above in a concrete manner we’ll give you an example. We’ll take a look at a fictive game we will call “To The Stars”, a game about astronomy aimed at 8 to 12 year olds. The goal of the game is to educate children about celestial objects like planets and stars.

The player has been sent on a quest to solve a mystery surrounding an unknown celestial object that suddenly appeared in the sky. Before the player is able to solve the greater mystery they need to learn more about the stars first. We find our player in the game’s over-world; the cockpit of their own starship.

Inside the starship our player engages in a dialogue with a character known as “The Professor”. At the end of the dialogue The Professor offers the player the option to start an exercise. In the exercise the player needs to find and point out a number of constellations by dragging lines from one star to another.

Once the player completes the exercise successfully they will return to the overworld where they will be offered new challenges until they unravel the mystery and completed the game.


Tracking your user’s behaviour offers many benefits, we include detailed data collection in all of our games and offer a simple web portal where you are able to view all the collected data.

Our analytics allow you to track your users’ behaviour to help you to understand your audience better. This data enables you to evaluate the value of your game in a concrete manner. It can be utilised to optimise your game and create new content that perfectly suits your audience. Or help you convince others, be it inside or outside of your organisation, of the value of your game by showing them statistical results. The collected data can be evaluated together with your users and offer new insights that can be applied to real-world processes. 

We take privacy seriously and will not collect any privacy sensitive data without the explicit consent of both you and your individual users. We will take time to discuss with you which information is most relevant to your game and any data we collect from your game will be owned by you.


We know that finding funding for your game is not always an easy task. Whether you need to convince an outside investor or your upper management, we stand ready to help you. Our team has experience with both pitching games and writing subsidy applications and are happy to assist you in getting your project off the ground.

Getting started

Interested in working with us? We are always interested to talk to you about your ideas, no matter how well developed they are. Please send us your thoughts/concepts/designs to or give us a call at +31 6 24 69 25 21. If you wish to visit us at our office in Utrecht, The Netherlands call us and we will arrange for a face to face meeting.